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Ed spits wine into the air and the lights, spraying himself and the crowd going nuts!

He speaks to a "local issue" and how Jeff earmarked some of the proceeds from the Seattle benefit show for a skateboard park and how the approval was getting intermingled with the city council's initiative to band skateboarding on the sidewalks.

"Now since you can get the music for free, you gotta pay to get in." 'Elderly Woman' is dedicated to anyone from Big Sandy (Jeff's original hometown).

Matt's drumwork makes the snappy transition from 'Lukin' to 'Grievance.' '1/2 Full' is slightly extended as Ed uses the mirror to capture the spotlight to light different areas of the crowd when he sings, "Who will save the world?

" 'Parting Ways' is intense, but Jeff's bass is malfunctioning.

The mask finally makes it out to him and Ed places it on the mic stand saying, "If you watch closely ...

I'm impaling him in a ritualistic manner," leading to 'Soon Forget.' Ed puts on the mask, leading straight into 'DTE' and he pushes the mask up to sing and leans over so the mask is facing the crowd. 'Elderly Woman' is dedicated to the guys from Medicine Hat (who had to hitchhike to be there when their vehicle broke down).

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