Can t remove old updating log file

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By the time Windows Vista was introduced, Microsoft solved the problem by creating a new technology called componentization, which uses a folder called the Win Sx S folder that allows the operating system to store and keep track of all kinds of operating system files (DLLs included) with the same name but different versions.

Win Sx S is short for Windows Side-by-Side and refers to using files with the same name but with different version numbers at the same time in the operating system.

This is one of the directories that was changed in GFE 3.x.

To remove these files and save disk space navigate to: .

If you decide to install the driver it will still keep a copy forever.

These copies are not cleaned and will stay on your system until you take action.

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Microsoft kept using this system in Windows 7, 8 and 10. Conclusion: cleaning up after Nvidia drivers is now more important than even.Eventually you will end up with dozens of useless files because Nvidia releases updates monthly.In this example there are 3721 MB of unnecessary files.For example, an application would look for a specific version of a DLL file, but find a newer version that was recently updated by another program.Since the version was different, the application would act strangely or crash altogether.

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