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However, both Oxford and Cambridge have said that current students and students admitted in the 2018 academic year will continue to pay the current home/EU rate for the duration of their program.

The fee status for students commencing their studies in 2019 has yet to be confirmed.

These cover tuition fees, are interest-free, and are paid back gradually once the student begins work and starts earning a certain amount (the repayment threshold is currently £25,000 for Plan 2 graduates).

Full-time undergraduate-level UK students can also apply for additional loans and grants to help cover living expenses.

Overseas students will also be charged an additional “college fee”, which also applies to UK/EU students who are not enrolling on their first publicly funded degree.

This is currently between £6,510 and £12,700 (depending on the college) per year for overseas undergraduates at Cambridge, and £7,570 per year for overseas undergraduates at Oxford.

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Overall then, the cost of studying at Oxford or Cambridge adds up, although it’s still less than the up-front price of a degree at most top universities in the US.

In terms of international diversity, both Oxford and Cambridge again get high scores.

Unsurprisingly, both are popular destinations for academics and students from around the world.

The latter is perhaps the one day each year when Oxbridge rivalry becomes the most heated.

Oxford and Cambridge are also both close to the UK capital.

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