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So what if you pull out your 1993 playboy with anna nicole then a necrophile? YOU ARE NOT HELPING ANYBODY BY TALKING LIKE THIS AND SAYING THINGS LIKE "ENTER COURSE" PERHAPS YOU SHOULD STOP FOR A SECOND AND ENJOY THINGS LIKE PUNCTUATION AND LOWER CASE LETTERS.Anyways, I think this isn't a very cool thing for somebody to do while in a relationship, particularly if she doesn't know.Maybe some see it as not cheating but it is very disrepectfulto your friend what he is doing.

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Regardess of it being cheating or not and you will get a lot of viewshere, he is doing something that is hurting her and if he has any respectfor her , their relationship and if he loves her he will stop. Mentally i suspect that many of us skate on thin ice often in what we think and then act in ways we would not if the paparazzi were hiding behind the bushes.

And yeah it is a big deal when you are in a relationship. OP, one of your questions involved the phrase : “..a big deal”. Performing with a web cam is sort of a new phenomena.

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