Cable dating

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The collection includes samples of early fibre optic cables up to the present day.They call it one of the most romantic things you can do in Singapore — and also a unique experience you can’t do anywhere else in Asia — Dining on Cloud 9 starts from the Mount Faber Cable Car Station and basically involves dining in the cable car on a three-course dinner, on the way to Sentosa. More from CLEO: How Often Should You Clean Your Work Space?“Each of the three potential matches will plan special ‘dates’ that highlight their individuality and give the lucky lady a chance to date their life — from introducing her to their parents to taking her to work, these guys will work overtime to prove that they are the one she should pick.At the end of the day, the woman must decide who has won her heart based solely on lifestyle, personality and their emotional chemistry.Crown has been live in a limited beta for a few months, but is now officially launched in L. A dating series that premieres in the next few weeks tests the old adage that love is blind.

The app was thought up by Match Product Manager Patricia Parker, who understands first-hand both the challenges and the benefits of online dating – Parker met her husband online, so has direct experience in the world of online dating.

“Over the course of just one day, an eligible bachelorette will meet three bachelors, using only POV cameras strapped to the men’s chests.

She’ll get to see everything they see and talk directly to them — but neither will see what the other person looks like,” the announcement says.

Giving users a never-ending list of possible matches on Tinder, then, isn’t helping people feel like they have options – it’s overloading the brain. There are today several thousand users on the app, and it’s organically growing, Chen says.

While turning matchmaking into a game feels a bit dehumanizing – maybe even more so than on Tinder, with its Hot-or-Not-inspired vibe – the team says Crown actually increases the odds, on average, of someone being selected, compared with traditional dating apps. Plus, Crown is seeing day-over-day retention rates which are “already as strong” as Match Group’s other apps, we’re told.

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