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reality spoil me with level ups[still no generous fan has ever bought from this list, apparently the independently wealthy are not into chubby midwestern nerds] P3hbh7 Hj NDNOTRAVELI love to travel as much as possible to be with my partners all over the world now, and occasionally new friends. COLLABORATORSPhotographers, videographers, MUAs, illustrators, queer broadcasters, I wanna have your art babies! However you choose to support me in this art, please stay within your budget!

Donate to my travel fund to make even one of these things happen. I AM STILL TRYING TO VISIT A SICK FRIEND IN NYC/NJ, A PARTNER IN FRANCE, it would be nice to get to AMSTERDAM before my partner there dies. I try, like a good faptender, to cut y'all off when you get crazy. That said, if you can afford to just dump money all over some person, this is true trickle down fapanomics.

Aiming for some porn heroes, happy just to make smut with people that love it as much as I do.

Some I speak to occasionally, some nearly every day, others I still see periodically. At this point, I'm not taking on partners irl that aren't at least bi and preferably in the industry in SOME fashion. My time spent in messenging apps or DMs outside my live bcast time must be for work only.

] 1001 tk single tip HIGHEST SINGLETIP2016: 1000 2017: 11002018 so far: 200010,000 tk single tip MOST TIPS overall from a single tipper: 9591Help me buy boring essentials with ANY gift cards to lexpletive gmail . If it get's out of hand, it'll just become private, but until then, let's share some queer cams and bitch about cb always being down.

Always the most helpful thing, as much as I love new lingerie and toys, I need qtips and tp more often. If I'm the only one posting, it's just looks like self-promo, soooooo...a nerd out. If you're the kind of perv that shares your porn with your friends, please do!

If I had time for everyone, I'd bang you all, unfortunately that's not realistic. My health problems and maintaining them take up most of my time, and if I'm having a particularly bad day, DMing me a bunch offline somewhere can derail my whole routine.

Once in awhile I get a cool work offer, but unless you're helping, you're not helping. PRETTY PLEASE for the love of all that is buttholy help me keep that thumbs up score over 100%support me on patreonhttps:// emailed you but you never emailed me back..."Ok dudes. I tell you to email me because of like 50 things, here's a sample:-I have Memento-esque memory problems related to head trauma ['You don't look disabled' gets you an immediate ban btw, if you are too ill-cultured to know what an invisible illness is, you can fuck off.

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