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In particular, I'm talking to the young women out there who are still finding their way, (hopefully) enjoying their youth and trying to make sense of modern relationships.

Of course the only foolproof way to avoid pregnancy is no sex.

She bit her lower lip and swung her legs playfully in her chair as she tried to explain how a girl from the suburbs found her way into the harem of a sultan.

I wanted to see extraordinary things, she said simply. By the time she returned to the United States three years later, she reports, shed scored upwards of 0,000 in cash and luxury goods.

I knew I was a hooker, but somehow I felt like Cinderella,” she writes. A few months later, Marketic sued Jefri and the sultan for million, claiming she was held against her will as a sex slave.

Other women, like Playboy centerfold Rebecca Ferratti and ex-Miss Shannon Marketic, returned from their visits to Brunei with stories of sexual assault and imprisonment. Marketic lost her lawsuit after Jefri claimed diplomatic immunity.

A spokeswoman at Brunei’s consulate in New York had no comment.

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Lauren was seduced by the romantic fantasy of the royal lifestyle, but part of her knew it couldn’t last.

Later, the prince’s lavish lifestyle would come under international scrutiny after his brother, the sultan, filed a lawsuit in 2000 alleging that the prince had mismanaged billions of dollars from the Brunei Treasury.

But in the 90s, as Lauren tells it, she was the prince’s second-favorite girlfriend, a position that came with lavish shopping sprees to Singapore and a seat beside his royal highness at palace parties.

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