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Since I am over age 12 and not a character on the CW, I don’t frequent many advice columns, but for some reason, this one sucked me in.

The Dude’s sex tips crackle with wit, and his relationship advice offers real insight into modern dating.

Additional benefits include feeling really awkward upon discovering that your coworker is #kingofdowntown and a surprisingly effective mobile content strategy.

Apart from a few graphics, Lulu’s blog is pretty sparse, but where they really shine is in mobile content.

On the plus side, a British bloke just needs to say a few words to an American girl and she’s in the bag. “Although Brazilian girls are sexy and fun-loving, they’re a bit obsessed with the pursuit for a big bum and drink beer and wear flip flops all the time." Sun Agony Aunt Deirdre Sanders describes pick-up artists like Richard as "emotionally damaged men" who are a "danger to women".

Like everyone else, I downloaded Lulu for one reason: to mock every guy I know.

It’s something we created at Contently because we believe in a world where marketing is helpful, and businesses grow by telling stories that people love.

We've even written multiple lists, articles, and opinion pieces about the struggles of finding love through an app.

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Lulu has been called the “Yelp for men.” It invites female users to “rate” the guys in their lives, and empower their single sisters to make informed dating decisions.

“Dear Dude” is a semi-weekly dating advice column written and curated by the anonymous “Dude.” Due to my appnesia (an infectious viral disease that causes users to download and then instantly forget new apps), Lulu was shoved away in an obscure app folder …

until I started getting notifications that led me to “Dear Dude.” Instead of the conventional, crap dating advice from writers who spout cliches like a broken fire hydrant (or that guy in digital marketing you went out with once), the anonymous Dear Dude offers quippy, straightforward relationship and sex advice.

Swedish girls are nice but Denmark wins Scandinavia for me.

“You just have to step into Copenhagen to see lots of tall, beautiful women in good shape roaming the streets.

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