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The name was changed by an act of the Massachusetts legislature in June 1823 to "American Tract Society." In 1825 the Boston-based American Tract Society merged with the New-York Religious Tract Society to form a new organization, which called itself The American Tract Society.

The American Tract Society (Boston, Mass.) became the New England Branch of the New York American Tract Society, while maintaining its autonomy.

Murray suggested she ask the man to describe the perfect setting for this meal.

Kirsten did so, and said the man replied, “On a sleek jet at 50,000 miles.”She was not impressed. “That sounds like a horrible place to have steamers.

In 2009, when Laurie Davis Edwards started a company called e Flirt Expert, her most popular offering was a dating “concierge” who would write client profiles, suggest potential matches and even respond to messages for the client, like an online Cyrano de Bergerac. Davis Edwards, 36, who now also runs a group video chat session called Abundant Love, said she came to realize “that women didn’t want us to do it She offers the Abundant Love seminars through her new company, the Worthy One, which strives to help single women find confidence and optimism in their dating lives. Abundant Love, which recently expanded to three months, is ,500.Blake Jamieson, 33, author of the book “Tinder Hacks,” offers a Tinder profile “audit” for men who may need help “getting an up-at-bat.”The price and scope of these services vary widely. Oliver, a 32-year-old software engineer, has spent roughly 0 on Relationship Hero, with coaching sessions that have lasted between three and 46 minutes.(He requested his last name be withheld, because he worried women might have an “uncharitable” opinion of a man who was paying a coach to analyze their conversations and texts.If the imprint appears as PUBLISHED BY THE/ AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY,/ 150 NASSAU-STREET, NEW YORK, it is printed in the new typeface. Marvin (15) Wright's press was called Well Spring Press [1848-1861] Bobbett & Hooper; active in New York 1855-1870; listed from 1868- 1870 as chromolithographers J. Pierce; active in Boston 1851-1870 Richardson and Cox; active in New York 1853-1859 Robert Roberts (b. 1821); active in New York 1841-1850 Nathaniel Rudd; active in Boston 1857-1860 and later John M. The information about the mergers and machinations of the various American Tract Societies was taken from annual reports of the American Tract Society; A Brief History of the American Tract Society, Instituted at Boston, 1814, and its Relation to the American Tract Society at New York, Instituted 1825. The Congress Street addresses reflect his address as the printer, which is what appears in the imprint statements.New York (Auxiliary branch) Bannister & Marvin - 1824 32 Congress St. Stafford; active in New York 1847-1848 © 2001 by S. According to A Brief History of the American Tract Society, Instituted at Boston, 1814 and its Relations to the American Tract Society at New York, Instituted 1825(Boston : Press of T. Marvin, 1857), once the American Tract Soceiety was formed at New York "the general depository was removed from Andover to Boston, and was located in the basement of the stone church, Hanover Street, August 1826 ...

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