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“We will just approve the programmes’ authorities,” the Commission insisted.Another major breakthrough is the Commission’s decision to allow EU countries to apply only national rules on those projects with a low error rate.“I know we have talked about simplification before but this time we really mean it,” Von Breska underlined before the Parliament’s Committee on Regional Development.The Commission has identified more than 80 simplifications achieved thanks to the new regulation.The Commission has decided to keep the code of conduct as it is, despite the changes in the regulation, to avoid a delay as it happened during the implementation of the 2014-2020 provisions.More importance to financial instruments The Commission wants to make it possible for projects to combine loans and grants that could complement each other.In case there are emerging needs or new priorities, authorities will be able to restructure the funds.

The two main changes are the possibility to shift up to 5% of the funds for different policy priorities only by informing the Commission [no need for approval], and to plan project implementation only for five years and leave the rest to the aftermath of the mid-term review.The measure is “alarming”, said S&D MEP Victor Boştinaru.With the current rate, the poorest regions have already experienced funding problems, Boştinaru underlined.“We ask more in terms of co-financing but at the same time we are more flexible in some implementation areas such as the VAT,” said Eric Von Breska, director of DG for Regional and Urban Policy at the European Commission.Simplification and flexibility to react to unexpected events, such as the migration crisis, are indeed the main objectives of the new cohesion policy.

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