Blackberry contacts picture not updating facebook

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Swipe the switch to the Off position and all of the sent messages currently displayed in your Hub will be hidden.

Manage accounts Even after hiding and arranging how messages are presented in the Hub, it may still feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you're busy on Twitter, Linked In, or Facebook and receive a lot of notifications.

This will ensure you only see what's in your In-box, and not what's been stored away in folders; unless the message is part of a conversation, then you'll still see it when you view the conversation. Hide sent messages Another feature in the Display and Actions section you want to pay attention to is the ability to hide sent messages.

Your Hub can quickly get clogged up with sent messages you don't really care to see once they've been sent.

Once it's reloaded, with any luck you'll see your missing messages.

The sixth item down the list will be a toggle switch to hide sent messages.Below you'll find some great tips aimed to help you make the Hub work for you, instead of you working for the Hub.View messages as a conversation One way to help eliminate clutter from your Hub is to organize e-mail messages into a conversation view.The Black Berry Hub holds a lot of information and provides a unique way of managing all of your communication needs from a central place.But, with so much information being presented to you at all times, you're bound to want to tailor it to meet your needs.

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