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In 1680, there were more black African slaves than white European settlers.

It has a deep-water harbor that was once a haven for pirates and is now one of the busiest ports of call for cruise ships in the Caribbean, with about 1.5 million cruise ship passengers landing there in 2004. It is on the southern shore at the head of Saint Thomas Harbor.

In 1691 the town received a more respectable name by being named Amalienborg (in English Charlotte Amalie) in honor of Danish king Christian V’s wife, Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel (1650–1714).

Several of them lived in present-day Charlotte Amalie in small fishing communities.

The city is known for its Danish colonial architecture, building structure and history, and a dozen streets and places throughout the city have Danish names.

Charlotte Amalie has buildings of historical importance including St.

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