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With 318 curves in just 11 short miles, the Dragon is an extreme test of a rider’s ability.Also known as State Route 11, this road is popular with bikers who are looking for a serious test of their riding skills.This narrow road is only 21 miles long, but it is chock-full of tight curves.

In addition, this road gets bonus points for its spectacular views.[manualcopyright]Public Domain[/manualcopyright]Considered one of the most scenic roads in the nation, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a fun road that cuts through the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers up a number of nice sweepers.

This road, which features a lot of fun sweepers, is located close to the Tail of the Dragon, making it a perfect appetizer to the latter’s extremely challenging twisties.

This is a challenging road that is filled with everyone’s favorite combination — twisties, sweepers, and fantastic scenery.

Even better is the sign on US-12 — also known as the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway — that reads, “Winding Road Next 99 Miles.” Smooth sweepers dominate this two-lane road, although it does boast a few tight hairpins for a change of pace.

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