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226, 4568 pounds 10 shillings and 3 pence, May the 15, 1948 VI.

, Two hundred and twenty-six, four thousand five hundred and sixty-eight pounds ten shillings and three pence, May the fifteenth, nineteen forty-eight.

You know, we r signing a contract with Lincoln Freight on Wednesday Linda: Wednesday.

It's about our bank's Letter of Credit dated July the fourth and August the thirteenth.

Very few countries do not take part in international business.

Both countries profit by these import-export transactions.

- Is there anything new in the market today, Norman?

There are also a few changes in prices for clothes and footwear. A fork, a glass, a large room, a lamp, a brown hat, a green wall, a white shelf, a large factory. : Importers and exporters do not use the same currency. What does the international currency market consist of? What rates do the dealers choose to profit by foreign currency transactions? (a fork, a glass, a large room, a lamp, a green wall) 3.

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