Bes it policy not updating

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You can specify a package version older than the version that is currently installed to perform an in-place downgrade.Any preserved configuration files that are part of packages to be downgraded and that have been changed since the original version was installed are renamed with the extension option to temporarily add the specified package repository or package archive to the list of sources in the image from which to retrieve package data.subcommand to update an installed package to the newest version of the package that is compatible with the rest of the image from the publisher that provided the currently installed version.To avoid unintentionally installing a package that was not already installed, use the command to update packages.See Boot Environment Policy Image Properties for an explanation of when backup BEs are created automatically. Without this option, a BE is created based on image policy.See Boot Environment Policy Image Properties for an explanation of when BEs are created automatically.

See Updating Multiple Non-Global Zones Concurrently for an example.You can also specify the version you want to install in the package FMRI.See Fault Management Resource Identifiers for a description of a package FMRI.In the command output, note any messages that say a new boot environment has been created.If a new boot environment has been created and activated, that is the environment that is booted by default on next reboot if you do not specify the option to indicate that you agree to and accept the terms of the licenses of the packages that are updated.

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