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Business Networking has become a very important part of many businesses marketing and sales strategy.

Some groups have been around many years, some have only recently started.

It is important that whatever way you run your group, it must be successful – prove it and you could be the winners.

This award will go to the business person that can show outstanding initiative, boldness and imagination in the enterprise, as well as sound management practices.

A consciousness of self-development and ability to reflect on your own journey is essential.

The winner of this award will have the customer at its heart and will deploy and manage resources to most effectively meet the needs of its customer base.

This category encourages entries from any business that can demonstrate established and measurable systems for monitoring service standards.

The winners of the Luton Business of the Year will be exceptional across all aspects of running a successful SME.Innovation in your business means doing something new, different, smarter or better that will make a positive difference.Innovation therefore ranges from implementing a time-saving office procedure to a brand new product.Entrants to this award will be expected to demonstrate sustainable growth combined with a degree of commercial success that is exceptional for the size of the business.There are so many ways businesses and organisations can stand out in this category.

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