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Source: link currently broken by search feature bug in official forums In light of the recent changes to the mounts and the surrounding hysteria therein, I have written this F.

Instead of paying 80g for a regular mount (undiscounted) and 20g (undiscounted) to learn riding for that mount, you will pay 20g for a regular mount and 80g to learn the riding skill.

The executable files below are part of Shine Wo W Version

Shine Wo W Version is an application offered by the software company Hay Ker Productions.

This is all done from an easy Command Rose interface in-game.

' Anyone who wants a mount of a different color.

If you’re sick of your Frostsaber, you can spend 100g (undiscounted) to buy a Mistsaber.

of the minimum specs for the game), or more usually the fact that you're not running at the default refresh rate of 60Hz.

Then you can reapply any refresh rate override and the game will launch without any problems.

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