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Ozy: Well, sometimes people will tell you a certain food is high-status or healthy or a thing that everyone enjoys, and then I would like it.

And a lot of times I just ate whatever was in front of me or ordered whatever the cheapest vegetarian thing on the menu was. sort of vaguely had a sense that some things were more pleasurable to eat than other things but I didn’t like _keep track_ of what they were or anything. And also because I didn’t intuitively grasp that the “liking” thing everyone was talking about was related to pleasure and not to like popularity/status. In just a few minutes’ reflection I realized that, despite years of believing the contrary, I never had and never would smell a peach.

So the fact that people talk about what foods they like about a zillion times a day isn’t enough to make everyone realize liking foods is a thing. A high school friend posted on Facebook a link to a really interesting answer on Quora. All my behavior to that point indicated that I had smell. For years I simply hadn’t known what it was that was supposed to be there.

Scott: I’ve got to admit I’m confused and intrigued by your “don’t know my own preferences” thing. Unless I pay a lot of attention _all_ my preferences end up being not “what I actually enjoy” but like “what is high status” or “what will keep people from getting angry at me” Scott: How does that apply to food?

And the people who did have good visual imaginations didn’t catch them.

They assumed no one had it, and when people talked about being able to picture objects in their minds, they were speaking metaphorically.

No one figured it out until Galton sat everyone down together and said “Hey, can we be really really clear about exactly how literal we’re being here?

” and everyone realized they were describing different experiences. Scott: I don’t understand, why didn’t you buy things like that before?

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