Backpeddling dating men its intimidating

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I put the edit in there because I wanted it to show all of me.I like tall guys, they immediately draw my just aesthetics. A great smile, caring eyes, a good dresser, a nice body. I have one friends that rakes in the most beautiful, tall and short women that is about 5'3. He is happy and positive and always laughing and goofing around. I don't even notice his height and I don't know one single girl that cares.I refuse to discard someone because of a specific aspect of their being.Now, whether there is a spark or not, that just depends. You make women out to be a lot more shallow then we are.Spanish women are to hold their first national one-day strike to demand more recognition from men for the contribution they make in the workplace, and at home providing childcare and performing household chores.The Commission for March 8, an organisation of feminist groups that has called for the stoppage next Thursday, urged women to take a stand against Spain’s macho culture by demanding equal salaries and tougher action against domestic violence.I'm about 5'9"; a girl who is 5'8" is fine, or even 5'9", but honestly I don't AT ALL prefer or like it. And a lot of girls feel the same way, but the reverse.

In fact I've seen quite a bit of profiles stating, "I like a guy tall enough so I'm not taller than HIM when I wear high heels."Imagine instead of Men who are say 5'8" or Taller have all decided that they no longer want any Taller women from say 5'5" and up and only preferred Women who were 5'4" or shorter only - so all that is left is Short Men who are under 5'8" - so you can't get the men to notice you that are over 5'8" - but only the men that are under 5'8" - You too would complain - but you have 2 options:1. Date Shorter Men Well - it's not too far off from that now - and most women will chose option #1. I might have a like for tall guys, but it doesnt make or break my love life.

Im pretty sure your post in msg 231, before the edit reflected your true feelings."[I LOVE tall men]"We got that, and every word from the edit and msg 235 was just backpeddling and damage controal." [I might have a like for tall guys,but it dosn't make or break my love life.]"Most shorter men don't mind ,you can be short or tall, what we don't want is a womanwho is so into wanting tall any shorter guy she might date is just her backup plan.

We might get a date with her,but she expects a short guy to be twice as impressivein all other catagories ,or no spark. Hawk Hawk First of all it wasnt about damage control as no one was was attacking me and there were no repercussions for what I said, the only repercussion was for the actual edit.

Trying to fight physical preferences is totally futile. Plus the Majority of Women have decided it is Legally Fun to discriminate against men that are in their Average Height Range.

They're getting fed well enough on the Washington forum's height thread, and the Sex and Dating forum's thread on child's height from tall man/short woman and probably a bunch of others that I haven't read. It is going to be legal and stay legal - one thing about Discrimination Claims - if you are a Man - deal with it - even though it cuts all races of Men (White, Black, Asian).

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