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But Thompson's reported New York City tryst may not have been the first time he acted shady toward a baby mama, considering he started dating Kardashian when his now-ex, model Jordan Craig, was pregnant with his first child. And why haven't we heard much about this woman in the world of celebrity news?Keep reading to learn all about the mother of Thompson's oldest kiddo. That's right — Thompson and Kardashian became an item when Craig was busy growing her and Thompson's first child in her womb. However, it's unclear if Craig and Thompson were still together when Kardashian entered the picture.Still, Craig's more than 582,000 followers on Instagram is nothing to sneeze at.

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Though Thompson was reportedly one of the stars of the video, he allegedly did not get involved in the legal drama, despite being made aware of the situation.Maybe Kardashian will divulge this information on a future episode of .Regardless of how Kardashian and Thompson's romance went down, we'd probably feel pretty jaded if we were in Craig's shoes.Dating someone with a baby mama getting to know him is what matters, right?Every time she's in a bind, she calls her baby daddy and he runs to the rescue.

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