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I worked for a great company, with people I liked, was moving up the ladder, and felt confident with my abilities.Security of a Word Press (or any) website is a multi-faceted problem.A easy syntax to create one instance to access a complex queries and mapping the results to a set of templates.A powerful and easy configurated package that includes Object oriented Template Engine with its own Macrolanguage SP.I continue to use it because I know it extremely well, it's very easy to use and deploy, and it's nearly maintenance-free on servers.When you're a programmer forced to also be your own sysadmin, that's very attractive. It contains a variety of resources for PHP, My SQL, Post Gre SQL, Apache, including scripts, programs, applications, tutorials, hints and tips, web hosting, publications and documentation.

The server supports remote and dynamic configuration and incurs no service interruptions for configuration changes.It was written for Web sites that need some password protected areas.It includes a user management application script and a My SQL table setup application script. I had a well paid job coding several projects with traditional LEMP stacks.The Php Excel library that I recently wrote about in my Export Data from Your Website as an Excel Spreadsheet tutorial, has been officially deprecated and soon be marked as archived in Github.It has been superseded by the bigger and better Php Spreadsheet library. It uses Javascript, PHP and My SQL to process web statistics.

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