Awkward stage of dating

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Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde entered the show as enemies but on the way became friends.

The turning point was when Vikas sacrificed a jacket to save Shilpa from nominations and in return asked her to promise that they will work together once again in the future.

From here the relationship is no longer just a ‘relationship’, but something more as you become fiancés, spouses and eventually parents.

One of the best moments on Bigg Boss happened on the season that just wrapped up.

Relationships go through several stages and we all experience a lot of different feelings when we start dating.

While they vary a little depending on the people involved in the relationship, the circumstances, culture and more; it’s safe to say that the stages of a relationship if it goes well, are almost universal. Crush: When one person has a crush on another this can be a very exciting feeling – you swoon when they come into the room, you struggle to talk to them normally, and you try to make excuses to be near them.

This big step can be marked by the change of the relationship status on Facebook.

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Comfortable Stage: Once the honeymoon period starts to fade you then find that you are feeling a lot more comfortable around each other and can be yourselves.This can range from mild to intense and in some cases can be almost obsessive.Dating: When you first start dating things are at first very slow. And the awkward silence that will inevitably follow for a few seconds after that.Some into an ex or someone who you became and not knowing else what to say during the side and after it.

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