Avoid pitfalls online dating

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Wising up on these key scammer habits will help protect you from getting hurt, and stop you falling for the wrong person.From experience, putting yourself out there online will make it quite hard to differentiate a scammer from a normal person!Habit #3: They Want Your Email Address This is an absolutely classic move.Online dating sites that you have to pay for scour the membership base for scammers, and the technology used is so sophisticated that it could be a matter of minutes until a scammer is caught and thrown off the site.Habit #8: They Don’t Want To Speak To You On The Phone Emailing and texting is all very well, but online dating usually progresses from one level to the next.Top tip: If your online date has no desire to speak on the phone, this is a big red flag.

Top tip: keep going with an open mind, but be vigilant at this stage.They might ask about past relationships, your hopes and dreams, what you would like to do when you retire.Whilst this is fine, and a normal part of getting to know someone, make sure your answers are not so personal that you are disclosing details of yourself that the scammer could use against you.Under no circumstances, how ever much you believe them, send them any amount of money.It’s not normal to send money to someone you’ve never met, it’s also not normal to ask for it! Top tip: it might go against your feelings, but this person doesn’t care about you, they only care about getting your money.

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