Avoid dating scams

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If their sentence structure seems off, ask them where they from and where they went to college.If they say, they went to college, but can't write a simple sentence, walk away.With all the energy it took to put yourself out there, you are probably thinking that others feel the same way as you and that everyone is coming from a place of positivity and wanting to find someone special.Unfortunately, there are some dating scams out there, and if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.Most people with these things will not constantly be taking pictures of these expensive things because they are just part of their everyday life and they aren't trying to impress anyone.*If the grammar, spelling and word choice seems a little odd, it may be a tip-off that your online match is a scammer from a foreign country.Catfishing/Love Bombing A person will make an online profile with false information and pictures they get from online image searches.

*Photographs that show fancy cars, huge homes, exotic vacations, etc.

The relationship will start with messages on the website.

It may then move out of the website into personal emails and then, perhaps, texts.

If the scammer is bold, they may even move into personal phone calls.

The scammer will get to know everything they can about the person they are scamming. They will romance them and tell them all the things that they want to hear.

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