Autocad block attributes not updating

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Added the ability to export waypoint categories to DXF and tab-delimited text files. Added ability to receive tracks from the Fore Runner GPS. Added menu shortcut key 'M' for the File menu's "Send Mail..." feature. Corrected issue where the product selectors in the view menu and view toolbar were not always showing the same product being selected. Fixed issue where the print preview flickered when Map Source was real-time tracking. Added inherent support for mouse wheel scrolling to the map window, vertical track profile, and tide dialog. Added new map symbol for non-dangerous underwater rocks.

Fixed issue where a detailed map might not be visible at certain zoom levels if the map is very close to the edge of the screen. Fixed issue where Map Source would fail if a value in the registry became corrupted. Added code to more robustly handle an issue where Map Source would fail if the map product registry key became corrupted. Provided some optimizations for improving the drawing speed of the map. The previous code would change the icon every time the field changed which resulted in the icon changing while the user was merely scrolling through the list using the arrow keys.

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