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The older and less cute that we both became, the more difficult that became until I am a ghost of the woman I used to be.Today my son is nearly my height and much easier to identify as special. On the one hand, people are much more likely to give us a wide berth when we are maneuvering in public.Right now there are three extra people in my home and still, I’ve never felt more alone.Having a special needs child brings with it a host of complications that are difficult to traverse or even explain. When my son was younger, cuter and generally more adorable, I would try to function as I had with my older child.

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I’m especially lonely when I’m at home even with the extra people that are always here.

The list includes festivals, parties, fireworks, the Blue Angels, shopping, visiting homes that are unfamiliar – the list seems endless.

I used to have friends that had typically developing children but those relationships faded as I became more and more consumed with my son’s care.

This will always be a work in progress in that I am constantly adding to it and correcting it.

I welcome any additions or corrections you can contribute and thank everyone who has already sent me contributions, in particular one correspondent who has made numerous contributions but wishes to remain anonymous.

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