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The police aren't going to launch an investigation over what goes on in someone's bedroom but the person that has custody has options like declaring the minor to be a runaway or charging the adult with contributing to their delinquency, depending on the laws there.

I'm not saying it's okay at all, rather that you are still vulnerable unless the custodial parent agrees to the arrangement.

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ka..Folge Some of the women look ok and seem nice, but you can't really trust or go by reality TV shows these days.

On April 2, the Hapsburgs are banished from Austria and their property is confiscated. Germain is signed, which determines Austria’s borders. On April 27, Austria declares its independence and puts into place a provisional government under Kurt Renner.

On April 27, the first post-war philharmonic concert happens in Vienna and Austrian radio comes back on air. The last of the Allied troops leave Austria on September 19.

It isn't illegal for a 17 year old to go out for dinner or go to the movies with someone older.

The issue is the age of consent for sexual activity.

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