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Even though reincarnation stories can never really be proven true, some of them have elements that are genuinely mind-boggling, especially when the stories come from children too young to have much knowledge of the world.

Whittier dreamed about the location of the clock in an antiques shop and went to look.

The clock was visible in the shop window and looked exactly like the one in his dreams. It transpired that the dealer had bought the clock from among the property of a retired German major in The Netherlands.

According to Gus, God gave him a ticket after he died.

With this ticket he was able to travel through a hole, after which he came back to life as Gus.

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A cyst developed in his throat and doctors did not know how to treat it.As soon as Edward was prompted to tell his parents and others more about his previous life and talk about how he was killed, the cyst disappeared.Edward’s doctors never found out why the cyst had vanished.Bruce Whittier had reoccurring dreams of being a Jewish man hiding in a house with his family.His name had been Stefan Horowitz, a Dutch Jew who was discovered in his hiding place along with his family and taken to Auschwitz, where he died.

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