Australia dating bank notes

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One may well ask why the Treasury was not immediately able to arrive at a serial numbering system that was workable over the long term, the answer may lie in the scope of the tasks it had to deal with at the time.

Although today the Commonwealth Treasury focuses primarily on economic policy, during World War I it was concerned with a range of issues – pooling the production of primary goods and imposing price controls on household items were just two it was engaged with in addition to regulating the legal tender circulating Australia's monetary system.

The note also includes a picture of the gumnut brooch Cowan had made to symbolise that entry into Parliament was a ‘hard nut to crack’ for women, and the King Edward Memorial Hospital, a women’s and maternity hospital that she helped establish.

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Gender equality is maintained with men and women featuring equally on the fronts and backs of the notes and equally across denominations.The features Acacia humifusa and a Black Swan (Cygnus atratus), Unaipon’s ngaitji, or totem, and the bird of Cowan’s home state of Western Australia.The RBA says its working with retailers to help them prepare ATMs and other banknote authenticating machines to handle the new note, including trials and the early distribution of test notes.The Commonwealth Treasury initially underestimated the economic demand for Australia's currency notes, and the level of their underestimation can be seen in the numerous changes to the serial numbering format of Australia's first notes.Mick Vort-Ronald is undoubtedly Australia's pre-eminent author on banknotes, and on page 46 in his definitive work As we can see, each of these changes were introduced within the first 18 months of Australia's national notes being introduced.

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