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However, most people who suffer with the syndrome show interest in sex.Society's norms on sexuality will not be intuitive to the person with Asperger's.In the past, people like this were often given a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome.While the name of this disorder has fallen out of favor, the problems felt by these people are very real and very much present. In 2013, after a review that suggested that the Asperger’s syndrome label was being applied to different people at different times, the American Psychiatric Association removed that diagnosis from its formal rulebook.It’s all a lot to take in, and sometimes it can be a little frustrating.

Adults, in turn, might be asked to collaborate, connect and share with their colleagues at work.

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But there are some people who may find it physically impossible to relate to others and take their opinions into consideration.

Even if they want to connect, and even if they study up in order to collaborate, they may find it impossible to really handle a life interacting others.

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