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And.......that's all i can tell you without spoilering a whole lot (the game is rather short) ^^° But i can say as much: they go on a journey and meet the dwarf Tillie, the moon elf Zander and the normal human (lol) Jace. She's half noble (kind of a race known for their superior sight, speed, strength and reflexes) and half human, 24 years old (at least in the 2nd chapter), really cool *fangirling*, sarcastic and uses foul language.

So much that somebody referred to her as "drunk dwarven sailor in a girls costume" XD He's a Moon elf, 28 years old (in Chapter 2), a mage, which makes his emotions 10 times more powerful, he could burn one easily if he can't control his magic.

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Daily Time on Site Estimated daily time on site (mm:ss) per visitor to the site.Her mother died a long time ago and she now lives with her father and Aida in a camp of thieves.She's 25, very intelligent and mature, but tends to tear up very easily.His Nickname for Aida is "Gorgeous" *g* But he has a sad past, he was part of the Knight Order which was betrayed and wiped out, making him the only one left alive.He's funny, a bit dorky XD but totally cute ^-^ Sky is Aida's best friend since she saved her life.

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