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Derived from the French verb coller, meaning “to glue,” collage refers to both the technique and the resulting work of art in which fragments of paper and other materials are arranged and glued or otherwise affixed to a supporting surface. 1926–27 The Processes and Materials of Abstract Expressionist Painting Cubism Dada Chance Creations: Collage, Photomontage, and Assemblage Plastic Experimentation in Film / The Avant-Garde Intersecting Identities Celebrity Tapping the Subconscious: Automatism and Dreams Modern Portraits Painting Modern Life Tom Wesselmann.

The Cinématographe was used to create the world’s first movie theater when the Lumière brothers set it up in the back room of a Parisian café and projected their films. The cinematographer has major influence over the look and feel of a shot or scene and is often held in as high esteem as the director.

Cinematography is the art of positioning a camera and lighting a scene. An individual who helps guide and shape the future development of a community.

A city planner considers environmental and social issues, and what kinds of resources are needed to improve the quality of life for the community residents, particularly in terms of what types of new building projects may be necessary.

A steel alloy that develops a rust-like appearance when exposed to weather for several years, eliminating the need for repainting.

Because of this quality, it is also called weathering steel. Originally a term of derision used by a critic in 1908, Cubism describes the work of Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, and those influenced by them.

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