Armenians dating mexicans

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Firstly, it's important to remember that the results can be very speculative and it's best not to take them very literally.People in neighboring regions simply share too much DNA to always be able to tell them apart with accuracy.Several branches were indeed from Western Norway, although one branch did come from the more Eastern towns of Bamble and Skien.You may also notice a few Orcadian and West Scottish populations.It's possible Oracle is underestimating my British ancestry, since there's only a few English populations included, but when you consider how genetically similar the British and Germans are, and knowing how many instances of West German are listed, it makes some sense.I lastly have a smidgen of colonial Dutch and French Huguenot in my tree but I don't know how realistic it is to expect that to show up in admixture results, as it may have been from too long ago. So when I see a few results for North Dutch and French, I'm taking it with a grain of salt.I don't normally worry too much about the distance unless it starts getting really high.

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There's a few West Norwegians thrown in there, which is also accurate, I have one great grandparent who was Norwegian, making up 12.5% of my tree.This is somewhat accurate, I do have several Scottish or Scots-Irish branches dating back to colonial times, but where exactly in Scotland they were from isn't really known.Orcadian (people from the Orkney Islands) seems a little unlikely as my understanding is most Orcadian immigrants went to Canada through the Hudson Bay Company rather than the US.It doesn't mean you're French, it just means this particular calculator put that French/German shared DNA into French instead of German.Secondly, your results are going to be different for each calculator you use so don't just stick to one, explore all those which apply to your background (ie, don't go using Ethiohelix when you're 100% European).

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