Are hermione and draco dating

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Taking a sip of pumpkin juice, she gasped as Ron reached over her plate to grab a sausage link and knocked her drink over the front of her robes."Ronald!" Hermione stood up, wiping her robes with a napkin."Oh, sorry, 'Mione." Ron said as he took a bite of the sausage link.So we’ll just admit it, we weren’t always fans of Ron and Hermione’s relationship.Honestly, after he whined and threw a fit when she went with Viktor Krum to the Yule Ball, we just knew these two could never be more than friends. Malfoy watched as Hermione and Ron walked into the Great Hall hand in hand. Can he woo her enough for her to realize she's with the wrong guy?"You might wanna change before that stains."Malfoy watched in disbelief as Hermione huffed and stormed out of the Great Hall, leaving her book bag behind.He furrowed his brow and stabbed at a potato on his plate, angrily. Yeah, they weren't friends, they were hardly acquaintances, but even he knew she could do better than someone who would be as oblivious to her as Ron.

Noticing she was still standing there he looked at her again as he took another bite of food.Hermione looked down at her plate as Ron and Harry continued their conversation.She rested her head in her hand and pushed her food around on her plate.By the time she sat down, Ron had already filled his plate and was too busy shoving food in his mouth to even notice Hermione sit down beside him. " Hermione asked, biting into a piece of melon."Whassat?As Ron began filling his already empty plate, Hermione took this as a chance to try to have a conversation with him."So Ron, there's a Hogsmeade weekend coming up. " Ron said through a mouthful of food."The Hogsmeade weekend, I was wondering…" Hermione stopped talking as Ron swallowed the food in his mouth and looked at Harry."I completely forgot!

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