Application note 16 updating mc75i firmware

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As new modules come on the market and older ones go obsolete, Digi is committed to supporting the products we have sold and continue to sell to our customers.The level of support that we are able to provide falls into one of the following categories: 1.DOCUMENTATION ERRATA None ADDITIONAL INFORMATION It is recommended that you perform a backup of your device's settings prior to upgrading your firmware.If you should need to revert back to a previous version of firmware, this will ensure that you will be able to restore your device to its previous settings in the event that some settings are not restored properly after downgrading the firmware. Click the "Browse" button to select the backup file you saved in the previous steps. Click the "Restore" button to upload the configuration settings contained in your backup file.

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None HIGHLIGHTED PRODUCT CHANGES Starting with the firmware version 5269, the changes described in this section are incorporated in these products.

Once the Getting Started Wizard has run, the user is taken to the Web GUI.

It is possible to skip the Getting Started Wizard and go straight to the Web GUI. TRANSPORT VERSION NUMBERING From the release, the Trans Port version numbering has changed to a standard semantic version numbering scheme. REMOTE MANAGER 2.0 Device Cloud for Trans Port has been rebranded to Remote Manager 2.0 4.

Issues with these modules that are found by customers will be verified, scoped and either scheduled to be fixed or a newer, supported module offered as an upgrade option.

Ericsson F3307 F3507g F5521gw F5321gw Option Wireless GTM380 Revision ID: R2A11 Revision ID: R1D06 Revision ID: R2A07 Revision ID: R1C08 Revision IDs: 2.8.0Hd (Date: Oct 11 2007, Time: ) 2.9.1Hd (Date: Dec 17 2007, Time: ) 2.12.0Hd (Date: May 27 2008, Time: ) Qualcomm GOBI 2000 Sprint Revision ID: D1055-STUTCSFD-3702 1 [May 25 2009 ] Verizon Revision ID: D1055-STUTDSVD-3574 1 [Apr 12 2009 ] Generic HSPA Revision ID: D1025-STUTABGD-3574 1 [Apr 07 2009 ] Option Wireless GTM 378 GTM 382 Revision IDs: 2.4.2Hd (Date: Aug 24 2007, Time: ) 2.5.7Hd (Date: Jan 11 2008, Time: ) 2.5.10Hd (Date: Feb 04 2008, Time: ) 2.5.13Hd (Date: Feb 18 2008, Time: ) 2.5.23Hd (Date: Nov 03 2008, Time: ) Revision IDs: (Date: Oct 1 2008, Time: ) (Date: Jan 14 2009, Time: ) (Date: Mar 26 2009, Time: ) (Date: Nov 23 2009, Time: ) Motorola G24-L G24-EQ Cinterion MC55i TC63i Sierra Wireless MC5725 MC8755 MC8780 MC8790 p2005001,20224 [Sep 21 2006 ],, VID: PID: Revision IDs: U1_1_9MCAP G:/WORKSPACES/FIRMWARE/U1_1_9MCAP/MSM6275/SRC 2006/04/04 U1_2_44MCAP G:/WS/FW/U1_2_44MCAP/MSM6275/SRC 2006/09/27 Revision ID: K1_0_2_8AP C:/WS/FW/K1_0_2_8AP/MSM6290/SRC 2008/09/17 Novatel Wireless EU740 EU870D 3.

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