Apple mail gmail imap not updating

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Anyone have any ideas for what causes this, or have any workarounds?

Apple Mail seems to have no problem notifying me of new messages in the folders.

Next, try signing into your Gmail account on your i Phone or i Pad.

This time, the sign-in attempt should work, and Google will remember your device so you shouldn’t run into problems moving forward.

I learned about it when I worked at the Apple Store, and I don’t know how anyone could know it exists without the benefit of really nerdy friends. To do the CAPTCHA reset, visit Google’s CAPTCHA reset page and log in with your username and password.

Then it'll discover the new message that had been archived and labelled by GMail, and notify me.

Messages that aren't filtered by any GMail filter (that is, that remain in the inbox), show up immediately when they arrive, with no problem.

To learn how to turn on IMAP for Gmail, check out my short article called How Do I Enable IMAP for Gmail On i Phone, i Pad, & Computer? The process is a little tricky, especially on i Phone, so I made a step-by-step guide with pictures to help.

If you’re able to login on without any problems, you verified that your device isn’t being blocked in device activity and notifications, you’ve done the CAPTCHA reset, and you’re sure that IMAP is enabled, it’s time to try the modern version of the “unplug it and plug it back in” solution: Remove your Gmail account from your i Phone entirely and then set it up again.

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