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This is a portrait of considerable quality and it reveals the artist´s skill at extracting a maximum of possibilities from a very limited set of chromatic and compositional resources.

The figure is simple and very well placed in an indeterminate space, thanks to his body´s conical structure.

The fact that Antonia rests her left hand on a chair is neither irrelevant nor a simple matter of painterly composition; it is a clear allusion to her right to sit down.

The boy carries a bell, a customary amulet in that period for young children´s protection.

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Even if we did not know the identity of these two, the information that Velázquez includes in their portraits would be sufficient to indicate their social standing with some precision.

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Nothing is gratuitous in this sort of portraiture, as every element bears information, not so much about the sitter´s individual personality, as about their rank.

As a member of a society as hierarchical as the Spanish one, with a very codified system of privileges, it was natural that clear references to those privileges would be included as absolute symbols of his position in the social order.

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