Antique pitcher classification dating

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Used for identification of vine varieties in the field.Amontillado: A type of Spanish sherry, medium in color and sweetness between Fino (light and dry) and Olorosso (heavier and sweet).Important in wine tasting because it can reveal an extra attribute or fault.Aging: Term describing the storing of wine under certain specific conditions for the purpose of improving the wine.Aleatico: A wine grape usually used for sweet dessert wines because of its pungent, Muscat-like flavor.The Italian Vino Santos are made from this variety.The term is usually used to denote blended wines of nonspecific origin.

This type of fog is typical along west coasts of the world’s continents in summer.Amontillados are known for a distinctively nutty flavor not possessed by the other Sherry types.Amphora: A distinctively shaped jar that was used for storing and transporting wine in Greek and Roman times.Ethyl alcohol adds a sweetish taste to wines, or a hotness if present in too high a concentration.Conversely, if its alcohol content is too low, a wine may be thin, unbalanced and lacking in body.

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