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When it comes to water they are as skittish as cats...

The Javelinas and rabbits aren't even walking on my property.I could just picture them doing all this and it reminds me of all my struggles with my deer and what we go through to have a simple garden!“Actually, Javelinas can show up at almost any time, but they ALWAYS show up for a meal or two in late summer.In other words, they only messed up a small section of garden (they could have wiped it out..I still don't know why they didn't).So, I put some flat, heavy rocks at the fence where it was clear they probably got out and could have gotten in, but of course, they most likely got in under the gate. 19), I got up to use the bathroom at am, went out to check the garden and all was as it had been since the last invasion. When I went out to check, more squash had been eaten!

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