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So here's to a favored couple; Everything has worked right for you.

May your future bring more of the same, And your love remain strong and true. By Joanna Fuchs Here's a free wedding anniversary poem for a very happy couple. Days filled with friendship and deep affection, A relationship of love close to perfection.

Anniversary Joy Your anniversary is a time For sharing your affection; It's obvious the two of you Have quite a deep connection!

We send glad congratulations And heartfelt wishes, too, For joyful happiness and love In everything you do.

Wedding anniversary wishes should make the recipient glad they are married, as this free verse, happy anniversary poem does.

Time to Reflect On your anniversary, it's time to reflect on all the joy your marriage has brought you over the years. Your wedding photos show your affection, your passion, the bond you feel with one another. Wedding anniversary poems can convey positive observations about a marriage, as this anniversary message does.

When You Found Each Other When you two found each other, you gained the finest prize: a companion to share life's joys, a friend who lightens burdens, whose company is always a comfort.

When you found each other, you embraced the love you had dreamed of, the source of endless pleasure and memories to treasure.

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Anniversary poetry should express both congratulations and affection, as this anniversary verse does. Each morning I wake and see your face, I know in you I've found my place. When heavy storms have come our way, Your love has always made me stay. The life we've shared this past year Has proved forever it shall persevere. Never in my life will I find another man Who could ever fulfill me the way you can.

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