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While anything is possible, I would think this is highly unlikely.If, as JBroadway suggests, they end up working together, then it's not really becoming friends FROM being a fan - it's as colleagues.I know people who've dated, slept with, become friends with, & worked with actors from knowing them at the stage door.I don't know if it was a show-specific thing...there's also something to be said about how most Rent actors were generally only in Rent and didn't have many other Broadway/NY theatre credits.I feel that social media can extend further communication between performers and their fans, but just because so and so followed you back doesn't mean anything.

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Rentheads (full disclosure: I was a teenage Renthead) would see the show multiple times and get to know the actors. Repeat attending is so common these days, and I know actors get to know those fans little by little after so many visits.So I was just curious to know if anyone has gone from a fan of someone to their friend in someway.They DMed a bit on Instagram because she runs an account dedicated to him, then they kissed (photo evidence). But we will chat on FB messenger and it's not just "omg you were so great." But as I said, boundaries. I don't pretend that these are anything more than very casual acquaintances I occasionally talk to on FB. She didn't even see the show a million times to do so—she made (of all things) a meme fan account for the show, where she'd constantly tag the cast members in her posts.I remember the progression of things quite clearly; at first the cast members would just like/retweet the posts, then comment on them, and next thing you knew she was seeing the show and got to privately meet with them all backstage.

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