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“1931” is nothing like the genteel Roman numerals on the Endicott Building, or ornate Victorianism of the Pioneer Press Building.

Compare it even to the Hamm Building’s ornate plaque, with its classically minded serifs, bronze, and , from only about a decade earlier in 1919 – it’s from a totally different world.

Wetmore, a tentative title that makes him sound as if his presence on this cornerstone is more of a quirk of fate than anything.

Wetmore might have agreed: a temporary apppointee, Wetmore ended up serving in the position for almost two decades.

The Pioneer Press puts the same date in a little heraldic shield on the right side of the building.

Both are suitably ornate reflections of the tastes of that period, when St.

To me, they always seem to say, “We built this in 1888. You get a good, long look at 1888, and you remember 1888.”It’s hard to believe, but the Original Coney Island Tavern on St. If you didn’t look closely, you might think the date was carved into the stone, but it’s actually painted on.

Those are the stones with the date the building was erected carved into them. Up at the top, it reads “1858,” which is about as old as it gets in Minnesota, insofar as buildings are concerned.Von der einst mächtigen Stadtmauer zeugen heute noch zwei Türme: Der Götzenturm, 1392 erbaut, war der südwestliche Eckpfeiler; der Bollwerksturm befestigte die Nordwestecke.1519 saß Götz von Berlichingen, württembergischer Amtmann in Möckmühl, eine Nacht lang als Gefangener des Schwäbischen Bundes im Bollwerksturm.The best cornerstones are the ones that draw on contemporary aesthetic modes, and don’t slavishly try to copy the past in an attempt at that implacable foe of self-expression: some vague notion of The recently shuttered United States Post Office on Kellogg has a more sedate cornerstone, naming Postmaster General James Farley, one of the architects of the New Deal whose official title doesn't quite convey the scope of his influence in FDR's first two terms.Also note the reference to "acting supervising architect" James A.

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