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before 2000: XML pull parsers such as k XML1, XPP1, BEA, Neko Pull, and other in Java (as well in other languages notably .

NET and Pull Dom in Python) were created and used but Java code was not portable between different APIs started around 2000: grassroots effort by Stefan Haustein and Aleksander Slominski to create a Common API for XML Pull Parsing (Xml Pull) that aimed to define a simple and elegant pull parsing API that will provide a standardized way to do pull XML parsing from J2ME to J2EE and was very successful 2002-2003: JSR 173 expert group was created to standardize XML pull parsing in Java world and included XPP, k XML, and BEA pill parser authors 2004: St AX RI is available and few other St AX implementations emerged Mailing lists where both user and developers can ask general XML Pull Parsing questions and post ideas for future St AX builders mailing list.

*/ public static Xml Pull Parser Holder get XMLFile(String...

Read a short paper about Pull Parsing APIs with sample code demonstrating each API.

So you must not rely on this * behavior when using the parser.

* * * @return A suitable Xml Pull Parser for XMPP parsing * @throws Xml Pull Parser Exception */ public static Xml Pull Parser new Xmpp Parser() throws Xml Pull Parser Exception /** * This method returns an xml parser fed by the first existing file found from the path send as parameters.

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The first 3 XML parsers (Lark, NXP, and expat) all were event-driven because...

er well that was 1996, can't exactly remember, seemed like a good idea at the time.

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