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An interview with her brother Alex in the confirms the known-but-not-discussed quality of Amy’s bulimia: "We all knew she was doing it, but it's almost impossible [to tackle] especially if you're not talking about it.

It's a real dark, dark issue." Yet, Amy Winehouse’s eating disorder wasn’t simply "yet another bad decision." The environmental and genetic factors at play in Winehouse’s childhood and adolescence put her at extremely high risk for developing an eating disorder, and the lack of early intervention, education, and stable guidance meant that the disease was able to firmly take root and flourish as she was put in higher- and higher-stress situations.

She muses that she essentially ignored the statement and forgot about it, thinking it was a silly teen girl activity that Amy would soon grow out of.

She says that when Amy told her father, Mitch Winehouse, as well, he also dismissed it.

If her puffy face was ever evaluated—and it was, because every aspect of her physical appearance was eviscerated during the height of the media’s obsession with her—it was through the lens of someone looking for signs of alcohol addiction (which commonly causes bloating in the face) and not signs of self-induced vomiting.

Winehouse’s struggles with substance abuse were highly public and often ridiculed and, as many others have noted, the film does an outstanding job of laying bare the damaging impact that media coverage and celebrity-worship can have on the real, flesh-and-blood artists.

For many viewers, this may be the first they have ever heard about Winehouse’s eating disorder.

She is quite literally attacked by paparazzi during highly personal events such as visits to rehab and her husband’s prison stint.

also documents in thorough detail the many attempts by those surrounding the singer to get her help—both for altruistic reasons (read: because they cared deeply for the sparkling, kind, immensely talented woman) and for selfish motives (read: because they cared deeply about the fame and money that Amy could bring them as long as she was able to comport herself in the studio and on tour).

This "petiteness" was not natural; it was fought for.

But to anyone other than Amy, it was easy to overlook and intimidating to address.

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