Amy juergens and ricky underwood dating in real life

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By the time the series finale rolled around, Ricky and Amy had been engaged for a while, but ran out on their elopement, claiming that they would have a real wedding later. Instead, with less than five left in the show, Amy leaves Ricky and their son, John, to go to school in New York. As the finale neared, producers created the theme "Who Will Amy Choose: Ben or Ricky? During the breakup scene, AKA World War III, Amy and Ricky start screaming about how much they hate each other, but are also crying uncontrollably because the truth is, they've always been in love with each other.

I am still not over it for a ton of reasons -- nine to be exact. " Throughout the whole series, we learned how seemingly sweet and innocent Ben was, even though he turned out to be a rich, spoiled, whiny brat. They were about as star-crossed as Romeo and Juliet.

The show revolved around Amy Juergens, an innocent high school freshman who hooked up with the sexy bad boy, Ricky Underwood. In the beginning of the series, Ricky is a total player who doesn't seem to care about Amy that much.

Baumann: It boils down to: Will this ending make everyone happy? But in hindsight, the most remarkable was the pilot because everyone was so nervous and brand-new and goofy and inexperienced and that was hilarious. Baumann: I think on a post-graduate trip to Colombia Ben will be captured by the cartel and exclusively force-fed a diet of acorns, and then he will have psychologically manipulated the leader of the cartel and he will have taken over the Colombian cartel and become a drug lord. Baumann: My book [] just came out and I'm doing my first reading from it in New York in June. Baumann: My ideal existence career-wise would be able to act... Ricky always had a witty remark and a kiss to dismiss all of Amy's concerns. But somehow, Amy ends up going to New York where Ben just moved to "find herself." Coincidence? Ricky insisted that Amy play the tuba for him, but she said that her lips were too dry and, in true Ricky fashion, he kissed her.They seemed to be in the hallway making out or arguing with each other more than they were ever in class. Brenda Hampton ripped all of our hearts out by splitting up our favorite couple, creating one of the worst finales ever.Francia and Marielle are both wearing similarly-colored dresses, so in our hearts, we hope they were bridesmaids.In typical Shai fashion, our girl wore jeans and a button-down to the wedding, but given Megan’s flower crown, it seems like she fit right in with the hippie vibe.

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