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As a preface, understand that America has some of the best scenery and nicest smaller towns in the world.

It also provides maybe the most amount of geographic options within a single country.

To say this mentality flows against civil society and education is an understatement.

These kids wouldn’t be able to locate Canada on a map, but they know enough about the metric system to deal crack by age 12. Like the waitress at Applebees who greets you with a big, artificial smile while inside there is probably nothing but pain.

In cities in Southeast Asia I see streets with open sewage grates and pot-holes the size of craters. city governments constantly mismanage their funding, and the government in general allocates more money to things like warfare than its own citizens.

But what annoys me about the United States is that despite being such a rich country, I’ve seen similar problems of unkempt streets. In other Western developed nations, this isn’t really a problem. As a perfect example, note how most American cities completely lack adequate public transportation. It’s hard to stay inspired in these types of environments for very long.

(I am not saying men do not initiate divorce, too—but I have to look at statistics, showing men typically are the ones getting their asses handed to them in divorce courts.) But there’s no reason to call out any particular sex.

The real reason for this is the same I listed above: the “winner takes all” mentality.

All that being said, as a world traveler I find there are many reasons to leave America and become an expat due to cultural issues. # 10 – The Food is Garbage My friend and traveling buddy explained to me, “When Americans move to Prague, they are surprised how they just seem to naturally lose weight.

Ghetto culture becomes so rampant across the states that whole sections of cities are generally considered “no go” areas if you’re not yourself extremely street savvy. Fake American happiness is actually a coping mechanism. It won’t help to go around unfriendly and brooding about your problems.

Get lost one time and you’ll encounter endless hordes of drug-addicts, pimps, prostitutes, thugs, thieves, and killers. Median depression rates in the USA are around 16% according to the National Institute of Health. Even faking happiness to make other people happier at least helps push you in the right direction. The result of this general malaise in the population can be felt by anyone who lives in the states for a long period of time.

Many Americans enter relationships with the mindset of “What can I gain from this situation?

” The trickle-down effect are broken families as a whole.

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