America american women in workplace intimidating

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Thus sexual harassment often accomplishes informally what laws against sex-based discrimination theoretically prohibit: gender-based requirements for a job.A woman subjected to sexual harassment endures pressure, degradation or hostility that her male co-workers don't have to endure- making it just that much harder to compete for the job and for advancement.Most cases occur out of sight or behind closed doors; most victims are not famous and never have their stories told.This year marks 40 years since the 1977 decision in , a less well-known but important ruling that helped lay the groundwork for protections against sexual harassment in the workplace.The relationship between the sexes in many countries around the world includes a considerable amount of violence against women.Data about the United States, for example, indicate that one out of every ten women are raped or Violence by men against women exists in the workplace, as it does in other settings.Women employed in fields that are traditionally considered woman's work, such as waitresses and secretaries, are often given menial, degrading tasks.

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A woman who is the target of sexual harassment often goes through the same process of victimization as one who has suffered rape, battering or other gender-related crimes- frequently blaming herself and doubting her own self-worth.

Furthermore, the number of single-parent families headed by women in growing. indicate that between 19, the number of female-headed families increased by 27%.

There are a large number of families in which a woman is the sole means of support. By 1997, two out of every five working women were the sole head of their households, and within that group, more than one-quarter had dependent children.

The problem of sexual harassment relates to the roles which are attributed to men and women in social and economic life, which, in turn, directly or indirectly, affects womens positions in the labor market.

Focusing on the economics of men's work and women's work exposes sexual harassment as a way for the men who harass women to express their resentment and try to reassert control when they view women as their economic competitors Despite impediments women face in obtaining employment, there has been a massive influx of women into the labor force in the 1960s and 1970s, not only in the U. Women's entry into the workforce has been prompted by necessity, since many families cannot make ends meet if the wife and husband do not both work full-time.

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