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I feel everyone has different energy they put out to animals, and certain ways of animal communication will work differently depending on the person.I practiced a lot of natural horsemanship on my Palomino mare, and found it very effective.Ask any horse lover what her favorite TV shows are, and chances are Heartland will be on the list.The hit CBC series follows the lives of a family on a working ranch in Alberta, and focuses largely on main character Amy Fleming’s gift for working with horses.Mindy shows she's a manipulator par excellence when she digs into the Ty/Amy/Caleb 'triangle', and attempts to pit the three against each other.

It is funny how a work environment can really change your energy and how horses react to you. Everyone is always in good spirits and we have tons of fun on set. Sometimes I feel myself getting a little uptight if a scene isn’t going as written and we are running out of daylight.

I sold Laney to a girl I knew growing up because I was just too far away to give her the attention she needed.

Pepsi stayed in Ontario, where my mom looked after him until he was green-broke and ready to head west!

Mallory is found to be hiding out in one of the dude ranch cabins, having been aided in her 'escape' from the boarding school by young Jake.

Mallory shows herself to be the most star-struck of all by collecting items Mindy has used around Heartland, planning to sell them on e Bay so she can repay Jake for the money he spent helping her.

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