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That is why building an excellent traffic light junction for cycling in the Netherlands cost less than a tenth the sum charged to cycling of building a very bad one in the UK. The excellent infrastructure inside, to give access to, and to provide for recreational and commuting routes reaching several kilometres outwards from the newest suburb of Assen, for example, cost nothing from the cycling budget. In order to get planning permission, developers in the Netherlands must present designs which work well for bicycles.

Cycling funding in the Netherlands is not only at a far higher level than in the UK but it is also spent far more efficiently than in the UK. The difference in expenditure between the UK and the Netherlands is vast.

All developments and plans include cycling and it's not usually considered to be something additional to the basic plan.

The USA needs to spend approximately €10 billion per year.It doesn't matter what channels the money might be diverted through in either country. In the Netherlands the expenditure is at a very much higher level than in the UK and this money is also spent far more efficiently than in the UK. Norman Baker's comparison of total UK funds for cycling with the funds directly allocated by Dutch central government are interesting because they are so obviously a comparison of apples with oranges.The published Dutch figures which Norman Baker referred to are funds are for very specific uses.This is because all levels of government include cycling components in other projects. It should also be noted that cycling infrastructure which is part of new developments is paid for by the builders of those developments.Note the acknowledged to be "invisible" cycling costs.

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