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In case of the Wellingtons, there always was the possibility that the English and the Spanish titles would go to different persons. Photos King Juan Carlos The bride One should not forget that Spanish titles could always be inherited by daughters, in case they had no brothers.

But back to the wedding: Are there no pics of the bridal party? That is how the famous late Duchesses of Alba or Medinaceli inherited some of the most important Spanish titles.

The Borromeos, the Casiraghis, the Wellingtons, the Marzottos, the Agnellis, the Prussians, the Grimaldis, the Santo Domingos, the Hannovers, us knows us.

Often from weddings come another weddings, so maintaining this upper echelon in society.

Because some years ago (i believe in 2005) the spanish Goverment passed a law that spanish noble Titles will be inherited by the oldest child regardless of gender.

Because of this the new Duke of Medinaceli is the son of the late Duchess daughter which was her oldest child.

the late duke did that so the present Duke of Wellington was alreeady duke of Ciudad Rodrigo before he became Duke of Wellington. Duke died in 1943 his daughter and only child Anne succeeded him as Duchess of Ciudad Rodrigo and his brother as Duke of Wellington etc.

In 1949 Anne ceded the title Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo to her uncle so it was again united with the dukes of Wellington.

Has the new Duke of Wellington also already ceded the Dukedom of Ciudad Rodrigo to his son?

Lady Charlotte Wellesley is the 9th Duke of Wellington's daughter. Alejandro Santo Domingo, the uncle of Tatiana Santo Domingo.

The couple are set to exchange vows in front of more than 200 high society family and friends at the Church of the Incarnation in Illora, near Granada, on Saturday.

If Charlotte Wellesley follows tradition, she will be married at her family’s house, Stratfield Sayre in Hampshire, within months (English custom dictates that marriages, once announced, should be carried out within a three to six month window) and it is guaranteed to be an epic party.

The guest list will be a mixture of top English aristocracy, the Monegasque royal family (Tatiana Santo Domingo is married to Andrea Casiraghi), American blue bloods and South American elite.

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